3 Reasons to Outsource Creative Projects

Do you only outsource marketing projects when you have tight turnarounds or need to meet a critical deadline? You may be missing great opportunities to tap into your support agency’s creative brainpower. Seeking their input on creative projects and campaigns may help you:

Eliminate Internal Bias

Over time, internal marketing groups stop asking certain questions because they take the answers for granted. An outsourced agency team is less likely to have blinders on and more likely to ask questions that drive solutions. As objective thinkers, external marketing support team members can see things from your audience’s perspective and can point out inconsistencies that are preventing your marketing messages from resonating with certain groups. They may also push the envelope without even knowing it, which can help your internal group break through creative blocks.

Gain New Perspectives

Your internal marketing team brings a wealth of experience to the table, but chances are much of that experience is in your particular industry. Members of your outside agency’s team may have worked for a broader range of businesses that approached creative marketing challenges in completely different ways. They may be able to empower your team by suggesting different and more effective creative and strategic approaches than those your group usually uses.

Explore Creative Possibilities

At the end of the day, having more than one group of people working to solve a creative challenge allows for more exploration. As a marketing leader, you may decide to have your internal group explore one approach while tasking your outside agency with another. The ideas they deliver may overlap in key ways that make the creative solution crystal clear.

The best creative solutions come from wide-open thinking, which makes reaching out for creative marketing support a smart business move.

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