Tapping Into All of The Resources of Your Outsourced Marketing Agency Has to Offer

It’s great to have an extra set of hands to quickly produce ads, brochures and other marketing tactics. But for truly integrated marketing support, you should also feel comfortable tapping them for extra creative brainpower and other resources, too.

Creative Concepting

In our blogpost 3 reasons to outsource creative projects, we talked about some of the practical benefits of outsourcing a creative project. Among these is gaining access to more objective viewpoints. Internal marketing groups have plenty of creative thinkers on board, but they may also be too close to your brand, product or service. Leveraging an outsourced marketing agency will bring a fresh perspective and new ideas.

Content Creation

Creating optimized content, such as White Papers, to drive inbound marketing efforts takes time and expertise. Trying to create these resources internally can sometimes feel like biting off more than you can chew. Before spending twice the time and overburdening an employee who might be pulled away from work at which he or she excels, consider outsourcing these tasks to a support marketing agency that specializes in content creation.

Social Media Strategies

Publishing a blog and maintaining it on a regular basis can drive all of your social media interactions. But only if you have someone who can continually write informative, industry-leading articles on time and within a strict budget. Again, doing this in-house is often impractical. Most company’s find it is easier to pay a monthly fee to an outsourced agency with the right expertise

Digital Presentations

Many internal marketing teams have limited access to presentation professionals, even thought they are constantly being asked to create PowerPoints, videos and tablet-friendly sales aids for internal and external presentations. A good marketing support agency should either have a presentation expert on staff or enjoy a close working relationship with one—likewise for voice over talent. An agency with these resources can quickly and effectively create powerful presentations in half the time and for much less money than it would take to do it in-house.


Your company may not have a rich library of images to use in ad campaigns, brochures, etc., or you may simply have used the images you do have one too many times. Outsourcing to a marketing support agency will give you access to professional photographers that can take a wide range of shots to use in your advertising, including portraits, lifestyle photography and even building photography.

At the end of the day, it pays to know your team’s strengths and to outsource for projects that are out of their comfort zone. An agency that can *Need to finish.

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