Jessica Clay

If you blink, you might miss Jessica zooming by, checking her pedometer on the way to a meeting. She is the woman behind this woman owned-business and a non-stop ball of energy. In her role as Account Director, Jessica toggles between creative lead and strategic concierge, tirelessly working to deliver personalized, on-target marketing support to every client.

As a professional athlete, Jessica also brings an insider’s perspective to Energize HNM, Clay’s health and wellness marketing arm. Through her blog at, she provides health and wellness CMOs with niche resources, frontline opinions, and tried and true content marketing tactics.

Job Title: President. Account Director. Woman on the Move.

Experience: After 15 years of following in her father’s footsteps, Jessica stepped into his shoes as the owner of Clay

Greatest Strength: A tireless drive to keep up with new marketing trends, both online and off

Marketing Challenges

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